“Explore, Experience, Educate while growing together”

At Piggy Ooo’s Daycare Centre, we are a licensed group daycare with highly qualified Early Childhood Educators. Our centre strives for a happy, warm and comforting atmosphere for each child regardless of his/her emotional, social, intellectual, creative and physical developmental stage. Every child at the centre has the opportunity to and is encouraged to explore their independence at his/her own pace. We believe in providing positive encouragement for each child’s progress and respond with care and understanding. We set limits for their behaviour and respond in a positive and consistent manner. We believe in working together with parents as a team and communicating openly and honestly to best serve the children’s needs and development. We believe in setting goals for our staff and for the children to create an even better environment for all involved.

Our Goals Include:

  • Create an environment where children can develop trust, patience and high self-esteem
  • To provide a fun, safe, clean and healthy learning environment
  • To respect each child, family member and staff person as a unique individual
  • To communicate and work closely with parents/guardians to best serve the children
  • To offer children an innovative and stimulating program environment for exploration
  • As teachers, to adhere to our philosophy with commitment and respect, maintaining a positive attitude
  • To work together and create long-term relationships with families we work and care for

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