We at Piggy Ooo’s believe children learn best through a play-based educational model. We have a flexible schedule with an integrated preschool program throughout the day. As the children play they will learn real life situations, different concepts and techniques while crafting, building or playing make-believe.  We believe our role as a teacher is to obverse closely, teach, encourage and guide children to become a confident individual. We believe teaching children responsibilities and manners through their actions are very important.

Our curriculum is play-based and will provide an Integrated Preschool Program in:

  • Pre-reading, listening, speaking and reorganization skills
  • Development in colours, shapes, numbers and letters
  • Art/crafts with a wide variety of hands-on materials for children to use their imagination
  • Circle time which will consist of music and movement, storytelling and dramatization
  • Nutrition, safety, health and exercise activities
  • Science, social activities and outdoor play.

Each month we will present new and exciting theme for the children to learn and explore.

Our monthly newsletter and calendar will inform families what will be happening at the centre and also anything different and exciting we may need to share. So please take the time to read them!

Special program – We are lucky to be located inside Canlan Ice Sports Langley Twin Rinks. We will be partnering up with the local ice arena to provide ice skating and hockey throughout the day. They offer learn to skate and learn to play hockey programs, as well as fun skate ice rentals. The “Learn to skate” program is especially popular. They have offered us special deals for the children of the centre. Please ask to inquire more about the skating details. We will gladly respond and make any arrangements for the lesson.


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  1. Hi, are there any spot in the baby classroom? My boy 8months now and I prepared let him start in the centre by Feb or March, let me know if you have a spot and can I do a short quick tour of your centre? Thanks


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